Helping you to know yourSelf.

Helping you to know yourSelf.

Advanced Flower of Life Workshop

Early Bird Workshop Cost: $266

Regular Workshop Cost: $299

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Further logistical details will be emailed out about a week prior to the course.

Costs and Logistics:


· Duration — two day weekend workshop; 10am—6pm

· Pre-requisites — Flower of Life course

· Required to bring — comfortable clothes, taking notes optional

· Location—around Australia and New Zealand

· Next Scheduled Workshop — see the Schedule page or contact Simon.

· Class Size — small to large groups

· Advanced Flower of Life Testimonials—

“The processing, the release and healing was incredible and also a real learning experience."

"Discovered the essence of truly connecting to higher levels of consciousness and of opening the heart."

"I feel that I now have a meditation process that finally I am comfortable with.  This is well presented and a fun learning experience.”

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· For more information, or to be emailed a brochure, contact Simon here.


The Advanced Flower of Life workshop is designed to deepen your experience of the Flower of Life workshop by providing you with more profound techniques to assist you on your path;

· How to program your Merkaba — with powerful desires and intentions

· How to create a Surrogate Merkaba—create a Merkaba around your house, car, area that you work

· The Sacred Heart Meditation—one of the most profound and truly interdimensional meditations

· Extended Pranic Breathing

· Advanced Ego Work

· Energy and the Merkaba ...and more

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